Hello! We have found a Simplicity tractor for you to consider. Hopefully this is what you are looking for. Here are the details:

Special limited edition garden tractor to commemorate their 75th anniversary. It’s a Simplicity Sovereign with the 18hp Kohler twin, the hydrostatic sunstrand automatic transmission and the 48″ 3 blade mower deck. They added the custom paint and graphics, the chrome wheels, bumper, lights, side pipe, valve covers and oil filter. This one is number 25 out of around 800 that they made. You can check them out on youtube if you type in simplicity 75th anniversary and see the parade they threw in Wisconsin where all the dealers went to pickup their model and drive it in the parade. I also have a 42″ snow blade and a set of chains which you could use this winter. These tractors are super heavy duty and surpass by far the tractors they sell at Home Depot and Lowes. These sold for $7,000 new. This one is in excellent condition and has had very little use. Call Charlie at 330 697 0902. Please no emails, too much spam

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Have a happy time!

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